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Writer's Block: It's cold outside
I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

If I were to complain about the cold it's all about circumstances and mindset.  I live In new york were in the winter temperture can drop to below zero and jump around like a circus act.
at times if i'm warm dressed well the cold doesn't bother me however if i have an off mood the temperature as low as 50 degrees can mess me up even thought that temperature can be quite lovely.

Last week to this evening.
Last week on tuesday i found myself coming across a beautiful cat that had seemed to find itself content with myself. It seemed like fate had found ourselves on the same path as one another and it was meant to be. Unfortunately it seemed that every opportunity after i had taken it home had made itself to being all the wrong things. It was devastating since i had never found myself this in love with a creature so quickly. So it wasn't to be and i released it back where i found it, and after much affection from it while i was driving. It made me realize how fucked up i am. My need for affection never satisfied by anything and not going to be until i find someone willing to, however in this capacity i would probably make this individual insane with my desires and be miserable because of my situations of grief.  So in anycase it didn't work out.

Thursday i spent the day escaping class and going around the city with Cabot. Which was insanely amazing. It was emotionally draining as well as exciting for me as i found out so many amazing things with what was out there for costuming. It showed me that my dreams may turn into a reality if i ever get to that point.  I was on the verge of tears seeing alot of the costumes. It was very overwellming.

Friday packed for larp dealt with a fat bitch and her issues in the morning in a court capasity, and then got a speeding ticket . It was a shitty day. Turned into a great evening getting to larp.

Larp was friken amazing. Great character development. Amazing interactions. Natilla had an amazing wedding. Everyone was overall Amazing. it was wonderful.

Sunday coming home was great. Met my mom's new boy, who i hope he'll be good for her, i hate seeing her alone.
Today was cleaning. Pretty productive. Tomorrow is sewing. It should be intresting.
Hate Stupid people.
Glad i have good people who love me.